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Recyclable Waste Management Consultancy Services: we offer consultancy services to communities and manufacturing companies on how to properly sort their domestic and normal factory manufacturing process loss into their various recyclable components. We also render off-taking/evacuation services to such companies and communities thereby relieving them of this burden and also enabling them to earn some income from this.

Organizing Training Programs on Recycling: we offer training programs to interested youths and women on the benefits of recycling to our environment and also on how to identify and sort recyclable wastes that litter our environments for collection or delivery to our recycling plant. We have been able to gainfully engage several unemployed youths in this activity and also gradually creating a sustainable and greener environment.

Women Empowerment: we strongly believe that one economically empowered woman is equal to at least one empowered household or family. As a result of this we strictly engage women in our cleaning process and they are compensated well enough to cater for their families. The joy we see on the faces of these women for being gainfully engages and not be quantified.

Off-taking Services for Waste haulers: we are ready and willing to collect plastic, aluminium and nylon components from waste haulers engaged by the State Waste Management Authorities. By this we can take most of the non-biodegradable wastes collected by these haulers and prevent them from getting to the landfills and causing more havoc.

Whats New ?

Electronic Waste Management: we also render the specialized service of electronic waste management for IT, Telecoms and other companies on a special arrangement basis. Such electronic wastes are carefully separated and the harmful components are safely and properly disposed while the other components are recycled for reuse.

Carbon Accounting: Carbon Accounting is the measuring, monitoring, benchmarking and reporting of an organisations Greenhouse Gas Emissions in a defined reporting period. First the type and amount of emissions for which the business is responsible is identified and calculated for tCO²-e (tonnes of CO² or equivalent) using internationally recognised methods. The result is a detailed account or inventory of a Businesses Emissions for a defined period in time. This inventory is then used in reporting emissions internally and recommending possible solutions for reduction of the business exposure to the cost of emissions.

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